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Gavin Free<br>Digital Painting<br>Krita
Rose Quartz<br>Digital Painting<br>Krita
Bee and PuppyCat<br>Digital Painting<br>Krita
Black Cat<br>Digital Illustration<br>Krita
Halloween Witch<br>Digital Illustration<br>Krita
Aiko Irwin Concept<br>Character Concept Sheet<br>Photoshop
Figure 1<br>Traditional Drawing<br>Charcoal, Newsprint
Cloth Study<br>Traditional Drawing<br>Charcoal, Newsprint
Empty Subway<br>Multimedia Drawing<br>Ballpoint Pen, Acrylic Paint, Glasine, Heavyweight paper
Spread the Plague<br>Linoleum Block Print<br>BFK paper, Block Printing Ink - Black
Pencil Sharpener (Front)<br>3-D Traditional<br>Single corrugated cardboard
Pencil Sharpener (Back)<br>3-D Traditional<br>Single corrugated cardboard
Abandoned Subway<br>3-D Digital<br>Cinema 4D/Photoshop
Gavin Free<br>3-D Digital<br>Maya (2015)
Michael Jones<br>3-D Digital<br>Maya (2015)
Geoff Ramsey (Zombie Geoff)<br>3-D Digital<br>Maya (2015)


The Artist

I am the Corchan!

My name is Corey-Lynn Gomez and I am the artist known as "The Corchan"!

I am a digital illustrator, focusing in the art of Concept Art. I work often with computers, creating characters that begin from simple ideas and forms and are grown into fully developed, and well designed characters for video games, animation and more!
Many programs in my library include :
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Krita, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Maya and last but not least, Cinema 4-D.

Aiko greets you, happily

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